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    Our history: From asthma to Denmark´s first soy candles

    Our story began in Denmark in November 2007 when the founder was casually browsing online. In Spring that year, she was diagnosed with asthma during a trip to California, and normal paraffin candles triggered her symptoms. Then she came across something called soy candles. She was intrigued to find that asthmatics and allergy sufferers were able to burn these without consequences – and that they were eco-friendly. After lots of research and gathering ingredients, she made her first ever soy candle, the remains of which she keeps to this day. She’s always had a passion for candles, but had to limit burning them as otherwise it would trigger her asthma. But with this new candle, she didn’t get any asthmatic or allergic symptoms – the relief! Then she discovered there was no soy candle company in Denmark. In fact, no Danes seemed to know about soy candles. After lots of research, she came across several Danish studies showing how dangerous stearin and paraffin candles were, and the harmful ingredients candle producers use. It’s scary to think that in a country where 4 out of 10 Danes light candles at home every day for some “hygge”, few were concerned about its impact on health and environment. Right away, she knew she had to do something to change people’s minds about these harmful candles.

    So she founded this very company on 1st January 2008, originally named Magick Moon Soy Candles. She already had some experience in candle production from working at her parents’ candle business a few years earlier. Although they had produced paraffin candles, she could use that experience in her new soy candle business.  In February 2008 she also began offering soy melts – which also were a first in Denmark. Finally, she could spread the word about these new and healthy candles that even allergy sufferers and asthmatics could burn. Not only that – the ingredients were environmentally friendly too. She was careful to buy the soy only from sustainable sources. This is intrinsic to her personal values: we shouldn’t just take care of our health; we need to take care of our planet too. These values soon paid off when her soy candle company was invited to the Danish TV channel DR1’s ‘Aftenshowets Julemarked’ later in 2008. It was an invite-only Christmas fair at Rådhuspladsen in Copenhagen, a stepping stone to continued growth in the years to come. Since forming the company, many people in Denmark and other countries have discovered the harmful impacts of candles made of paraffin and stearin wax. More research has been done, and we’re gradually getting wiser on how candle emissions pollute indoor and outdoor climates.
    November 2007
    Founder discovered soy candles

    She made the first Danish soy candles in her kitchen at her parents house.

    1. januar 2008
    Founded first Danish soy candle company

    Offered soy candles to the Danes.

    Februar 2008
    First Danish soy melts

    Founder offered the first Danish soy melts for sale.

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