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    Eco-friendly soy candles – handmade in Denmark

    Soy candles are not just any candles. We are the first soy candle company in Denmark and have been making our soy candles by hand since 2008. For us, they are not just soy candles, but carefully handcrafted with attention to detail. We care. That is why our soy pillar candles are the longest burning soy pillar candles of similar sizes on the market today – perfect for retail customers and businesses alike. Even for asthmatics and allergy sufferers who cannot otherwise enjoy our famous “hygge”.

    Danes use 17,500 tonnes of candles every year – an average of 3.5 kg per person. The vast majority of these are paraffin candles, also known as petrochemical candles. These petrochemical candles are made from crude oil, which pollutes both the indoor and outdoor environment.
    If all candles in Europe were carbon neutral, it would save around 935,000 tonnes of CO2 every single year.

    When you buy soy candles, you save the environment CO2 and your indoor environment becomes cleaner and healthier.

    Our soy candles are 100% natural candles with many sustainable properties:

    • They can be burned by asthmatics and allergy sufferers who normally can’t burn candles.
    • They are CO2 neutral and environmentally friendly, so they do not pollute the environment.
    • 100% of the soy that we use to make our candles is grown in Europe and is not sourced from areas of the rainforest.
    • Our range of soy candles are 100% vegan.
    • The soy candles are 100% organic and made from soy beans. This makes them biodegradable.
    • The cultivation of soybeans supports agriculture.
    • Our soy candles burn longer than other average candles.
    • Soy candles will not stain walls, furniture, carpets or anything else.
    • Soy candles have a better release of fragrance than other candles, which means you can enjoy our beautiful scents faster and more consistently.
    • Spills can be easily wiped up with a cloth and warm water.

    Some of the brands we have collaborated with:

      Din Kurv
      Din kurv er tomTilbage til Shoppen